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I think maybe I should start a blog called “The Sneezing Librarian” ’cause it’s so darn dusty in here. I’m pretty sure some of this dust is from the 1960′s, too. (I am so not kidding.) Sometimes I feel hypocritical when I tell patrons to be quiet and stop talking on their cell phones, because my nose is continually making interjections behind the desk. Hmm.

This job makes me feel a little deceptive sometimes. Our patrons assume that I’m a real librarian because I sit behind the circulation/reference desk and answer their questions. They don’t know the truth: that I don’t have an MLS and that I’m actually just a library paraprofessional. Part of me wants to stop them in mid-question and explain this fact, because it’s not fair to my friends who are studying hard to become real librarians–but does it really matter, if they’re getting the answers they need?

Oh, BTW–here’s the big desk I sit behind (c. 1963 and 2007 respectively):

circdesk 0207071758

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