goodbye weekend, hello workweek

Wow. I just realized that next Tuesday marks two years since I moved to DC. Crazy.

I had a pretty restful weekend. I wasn’t feeling great on Friday (hadn’t been sleeping well all week), and after much deliberation decided to skip small group and just go home after work. Made a simple dinner (Trader Joe‘s three-cheese tortellini and a quick-and-dirty carbonara sauce), caught the last half of Father of the Bride on TBS, went to bed really early.

Saturday started with worship team practice up at Tom & Joanne’s. I swear that Abby looks more grown up every time I see her (which is usually once a week)!

Joe’s set included God of Wonders, How Can I Keep From Singing, and Amazing Love/You Are My King. We added more percussion and harmonies, and it sounded really good. There’s just something about lifting up a joyful noise to God (the one who created sound waves and imparted creativity to us in the first place!) that is so uplifting and feels right and true. I wonder what music will sound like in heaven… well, I digress–but I imagine it’ll be really amazing. Our team is going through a DVD series by Paul Baloche and this week was the Vocal Workshop. Lots of fun vocal drills. I actually learned a lot–I accompanied singers in college, but never really understood what was going on in their lessons–it was good to have a basic overview of warm-ups, breathing, space, phrasing, vibrato, etc. It’s pretty awesome that God created our bodies to produce music for him!

After practice, Joe went grocery shopping for me (isn’t he sweet?) and we made nachos. I was feeling kind of lazy and will confess that we ended up watching four episodes of Battlestar Galactica. He’s been talking for months about how great this show is, and I was like, whatever, you nerd… but then I decided I would give it a chance, and now I’m finished watching Season One! I should probably confess at this point that I used to watch Star Trek: Voyager in high school and that I wanted to be an astronaut when I was a kid (I had an astronaut Barbie, and yes, she really did have a helmet).

To redeem my lazyness, I gave Joe a haircut before he went home. ;)

Sunday morning: church. Pastor Charles just returned from visiting his family in Malaysia and brought back gifts for the entire church–fat strainers–it was hilarious! I’m sending mine to my mom, because she makes soups far more often than I do. Pastor gave a message about using our spiritual gifts to build up the Body of Christ (the fat strainers were part of the sermon, he he).

Right after service, Celia gave me an organ lesson. I never realized organ could be so fun! It’s challenging, but I’m getting really excited about this instrument. She’s starting me off on some Buxtehude and Couperin.

Afterwards, Joe and I hung out at the Sculpture Garden for a bit, and then I met up with Megan at the Natural History Museum to hear Whitman biology professor Kate Jackson give a talk about her fieldwork collecting snakes in the Congo. It was really interesting–and made me think I should take advantage of the Smithsonian free lectures more often!

We then grabbed some food at Teaism and then watched the documentary, Manufactured Landscapes. Pretty crazy stuff–the idea behind Manufactured Landscapes is somewhat similar to Philip Glass’ Koyaanisqatsi. Well anyway. After Megan left, I debated whether to get some stuff done for church, but in line with my efforts to cease from all work on the Sabbath, decided to call my dad and do some reading instead. I’m so addicted to the internet and e-mail so am trying to make Sunday a “no computer” day. It felt really freeing to remember that the world is not going to end if I don’t check my e-mail, that we are still God’s beloved even when we set aside our to-do lists.

Well, if you actually read this to the end, congratulations. Guess I felt like writing a long, slice-of-life update–so there’s that.

Don’t forget to get free ice cream tomorrow! :)

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