this past month

Abby w/ a pretzel stick

  • Went to Grantham, PA for the church summer retreat. Pastor Charles announced our engagement to everyone Friday night, and poor Joe had to stand up all by himself! :-P (I didn’t arrive till a few hours later)
  • The Beijing Olympics happened. My favorite event was the synchronized diving!
  • Joe planned a picnic for us at Gravelly Point. We had some issues finding each other, but I’m still proud of him b/c I know he is not naturally, in my brother’s words, an “OCD planner” like my family. ;)
  • Went bridesmaid dress shopping for Angela & Greg’s wedding.
  • Hello Cupcake opened in Dupont.
  • Pride & Prejudice movie night #2 (2005 version this time).
  • Helped throw a baby shower for our friends– first time witnessing friends my age preparing for parenthood!
  • Abby (shown above) learned how to say “no!”
  • (that’s a pretzel stick, for the record)

  • Obama and McCain picked their VPs.
  • Michelle came to DC for my birthday! So far, we’ve hit Jaleo, Teaism, some of the monuments/memorials, Georgetown. Tonight we’re going to Georgia Brown’s for some southern food.
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