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Most people (well, women) seem to have an idea of what kind of wedding they want. Me, I never had plans to marry (well, before God decided it’d be funny to bring Joe into my life) –and thus never really had thoughts about what my wedding would be like.

Ever since we got engaged, people have been asking me all sorts of wedding questions, like where and when and how… and I’m like… huh? I just got engaged! I don’t know… all I know is I want it to honor God and to authentically represent Joe and me, but I don’t really know what that looks like.

So, # of pre-conceived wedding plans in Victoria’s head when Joe proposed = 0 (he sure got lucky, huh!)

I’m still having difficulty articulating exactly what kind of wedding I envision. But, it’s not like I don’t have opinions. I’m a conscientious person. I have a fairly serious attitude towards life. I’m deliberate with my actions, and every decision I make has to be value-driven and meaningful. (Thankfully, Joe is not quite so serious, so we balance each other out.)

After two months of reading wedding books and blogs, I think I’m finally starting to have some cohesive thoughts. Today, Merry sent me a link to A Practical Wedding, and that’s where I found this awesome $2000 wedding.

I love the spirit of the wedding– focused on community, simplicity, sincerity, and quality time with the people they love. I love that they wanted something outdoors, connected to creation. I love how they kept it intimate– to their closest friends and family.

That’s what I want. Something small, something laid-back, something celebratory in the everyday sense. Something with good music, good food, and good people. Something that is as eco-friendly and justice-conscious as possible. We don’t need a professional photographer, we don’t need fancy clothes (honestly, Joe in a tux?–not very authentic), we don’t need a tiered cake. We’re getting married– declaring our lifelong commitment to each other before God and our community– not putting on a show. Getting married is a big deal, but I don’t think our wedding needs to be a big deal. It’s just one day in the rest of our lives!

Check out this picnic wedding. Joe and I like picnics… :)

Important note: I’m not criticizing traditional weddings or “go all out” weddings– I think those are awesome. People should celebrate the way they want, and I think any sort of wedding can be God-honoring– it’s just where your heart is.

I want a small wedding, our families want a big wedding, Joe seems to be OK either way, so that’s why we’re doing both!

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