it’s already the week before…


I am thankful:

-for my kind, considerate, and loving fiance who came all the way into the city tonight to put in mouse traps (we have a critter in our kitchen, eek!), helped me make dinner, and even did the dishes!
-for down comforter, heat, and safe place to live
-for a job that is challenging, gives me the opportunity to deepen my technical expertise, and allows me to help people (and also pays the bills!)
-for supportive and loving family and friends who help me to focus on the important things in life
-for lessons learned and re-learned this past year
-for books that impart wisdom
-for CSA and farm fresh vegetables each week, which remind me of our dependence on the earth to nourish our bodies, and ultimately our dependence on God the Creator and Source of all life
-for our merciful God who gives us second chances over and over again
-for Him who has lovingly provided all these things and has directed us to give thanks in all circumstances

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