141/182 days!

We’re having two wedding events–a ceremony and backyard BBQ in Washington DC area and a Chinese banquet in Vancouver BC. 141 days until we’re officially married, and 182 days until our banquet celebration!

I was in Vancouver over the weekend and Joe’s parents very generously treated us to dinner at our banquet restaurant on Saturday. The food was amazing–I think we had 12 courses, including jellyfish, roast duck, lobster, steamed fish, and my favorite, Chinese veggies, how I missed you so! The service was amazing too– each time a dish came out, the servers prepared individual plates for each of us. This isn’t normal, because food is usually served family style and everyone helps themselves. Wish I had pics to show, but I still haven’t been able to justify purchasing a digital camera for myself. :p

Joe is staying in Vancouver to start looking for work and settling into our new place, while I’m back in DC for work and to help out w/ church ministries… so we’ll basically be long-distance until our wedding. We’ve been apart for four days and let me just say that I have a newfound admiration for friends who spent months or years of their relationship long-distance! How did ya’ll do that?

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