things i’ve learned about my husband in the past 7 1/2 months

of marriage:

- he is INCREDIBLY patient and forgiving, and doesn’t seem to be capable of holding a grudge against anyone
- his sense of humor isn’t always dry– sometimes he can be really hilarious
- he really is laid-back, accommodating, and flexible… these qualities are just in his nature.
- he LOVES watching infomercials and is strangely fascinated and amused by them
- he is disciplined about his work– is usually working by 8:30am and often works until 1 or 2am (with breaks for food of course ;) )
- although he is more quiet than I am, he is less shy and is equally content being at a party or being at home
- he can’t touch his toes
- he drives his car like a city boy
- he really doesn’t like vegetables and thinks they all taste the same… but he still eats anything I cook!

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