5 years

I don’t think anyone reads this blog anymore, but I’ll write a random update anyway.

This Friday is Chinese New Year — it’s almost the Year of the Horse! This year also marks 5 years since Joe and I got married (our anniversary is May 23). 5 years already!

Every year we try to take a trip to celebrate our anniversary. Early on, we decided that Joe would plan odd-numbered years and I would plan even-numbered years. Here’s how that played out:

2009 – Honeymoon on Vancouver Island

2010 – Kauai, Hawaii

2011 – Kelowna, BC

2012 – San Francisco, CA (this was by default because Joe’s cousin’s wedding was the same weekend as our anniversary!)

2013 – Didn’t take an anniversary trip because Joe’s sister’s wedding was in Vancouver, the same weekend as our anniversary again. Memorial weekend/Victoria Day weekend is a popular wedding time! But we did a lot of traveling in 2013 anyway (Hawaii, Hong Kong, Singapore, Peru).

For 2014, I’m researching these options (from most expensive to least expensive)…
1) New Zealand (Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch, and south coast? LOTR and Hobbiton tours?)
2) Prince Edward Island (Charlottetown)
3) Northwest Territories (Yellowknife, to see the Aurora Borealis!)
4) Vancouver Island (to commemorate our 5th since that was our first trip as a married couple?)


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